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Teachers’ workshop hailed a success


The St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU), Ministry of Education, Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF) Summer Institute, which came to an end last Friday, has been hailed by participants and tutors as a resounding success.

First vice-president of the teachers union Sheldon Govia noted that this year has seen the highest number of participants since its inception,{{more}} with around 148 participants. Additionally, he stated that majority of the participants were young teachers who were eager to learn.

Govia stated that teachers need to constantly upgrade and develop themselves professionally and should take the information given to them and integrate it into the classroom.

He also urged teachers to become more active in the union, which would give them a voice in the decision making within the union.

Team leader of the CTF Dan Martin stated that he and his team members were bursting with pride from the results of the workshop. He noted that although they faced a few inconveniences, the turnout was still very impressive and teachers came every day, eager and willing to learn new things.

He stated that although SVG and Canada are different, all teachers have the same goal, which is to do what is best for students. Martin noted that teachers create impacts on students’ lives sometimes without even knowing it, so it is imperative that teachers work hard and diligently in the classroom daily.

“What has started does not end here, it can only become meaningful when you transfer the knowledge gained into the classroom,” Gywnette Cambridge, senior education officer, said, while delivering remarks on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

She noted that she was pleased with the course offered for early childhood education and commented on the commitment and the drive of the teachers who want to instil a thirst for education in students.

Course co-ordinator Vibert Lampkin was especially elated with the work done over the two weeks of the workshop, especially in the area of assessment. He noted that he is thrilled with enthusiasm by both the participants and the teachers.

Lampkin mentioned that the Teachers’ Union recognizes the importance of teaching and that is why the partnerships with the BNTF and CTF are extremely important to them to facilitate these workshops.

He said he was particularly thrilled with the camaraderie among the participants and hopes to see them continue with it outside of the workshop and in the classroom. He stated that the teachers union gained 40 new members during the workshop period. He further stated that the teachers have made it clear that they are eager to take what they have learnt and impart the knowledge they have learnt in the classroom.

The participants were awarded certificates for their attendance at the workshop. Also at last Friday’s closing ceremony, three students were awarded the CW Prescod scholarship.(CM)