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Houses, offer letters distributed to residents of North Windward

Houses, offer letters distributed to residents of North Windward


In a ceremony that in many ways resembled a political rally, three houses and 48 lots of land were handed over on Friday, July 17 to residents of North Windward.

The houses, located at Noel, Sandy Bay, were presented to persons who were affected by the December 2013 {{more}}trough system, while the offer letters for the lots of land were given to other residents of the area.

“You may not know how I feel at this time. No, you may not know, but only I know,” said Marcia Hoyte, one of the recipients of housing lots.

In a moving tribute to the Government, Hoyte expressed how grateful she is that God “used the Prime Minister to provide” the land for her.

Bristol Simmons, another land recipient, expressed his overwhelming joy to the crowd, mostly dressed in red, the colour of the governing Unity Labour Party. He thanked the Government, the Prime Minister and the area representative for North Windward for their hard work in the North Windward and North Central Windward constituencies.

“Today, land will be given to the landless and houses will be given to the poor and needy,” said parliamentary representative Montgomery Daniel, who added that a building will also be handed over to the doctor in the area for use as the doctor’s quarters.

“To the beneficiaries of the land and the housings here today, I know that you have been waiting a long time for these lands and particularly, to Kenvorn May, who suffered that great ordeal on December 2013. Only Labour can produce, only labour has delivered and labour will continue to deliver and so because this government, your representative, your Prime Minister knows the struggles of the people. This government will continue to look forward to improving your living standards and to improve the conditions of the poor people of this country,” Daniel said.

The three persons receiving houses were Kenvorn May, Tammika May and Errol Yorke, while offer letters for housing lots in Noel were given to Maxroy Ballantyne, Keniel Baptiste, Marcia Hoyte, Winston Lavia, Shanta Baptiste, Lorna Baptiste, Davison Baptiste, Monica Baptiste, Zelma Thomas, Kevin Patterson, Shama Anderson, Alphanzo Shallow, Saran Lewis, Tedley Child, Suzannah Nanton, Kenvorn May, Tammika May, Errol Yorke, Evena Morgan, Gretel Morgan, Lorren Baptiste, Sylvia Lavia, Ulson Hoyte, Francilla Baptiste, Leroy Baptiste and Van-Dyke Sutherland.

In Magum, housing lots were given to Caroline Nanton, Vascilka Pompey, Venton and Gracy Bptiste, Linda Nanton, Rita Alexander, Emery Antoine, Sharon Sutherland, David Durham, Robert Nanton, Francis Lavia, George May, Irene Baptiste, Bristol Simmons, Edward Blucher, Marva Ballantyne, Thelma Baptiste, Desmond Smith, Joel May, Sharon Sutherland, Jacintha Willims, Brenton Woods and Letisha Nero.

General elections in St Vincent and the Grenadines are constitutionally due by December 2015, but may be held no later than March 2016.(AL)