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SVG signs agreement with Canadian group

SVG signs agreement with Canadian group


An agreement has been signed by the Government with a group of Canadians for the development of the Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope Estate and the area of Little Tokyo in Kingstown into tourist attractions.{{more}}

At a media conference earlier this week at Cabinet Room, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said during the recent Carnival period, he met with the developers and the agreement was signed. He said the agreement came about because of the construction of the international airport at Argyle.

“All the investments that are taking place in the hotel industry would only come about because the international airport is nearing completion,” the Prime Minister said.

The agreement includes the building of a golf course and hotel at Mt Wynne, which the Prime Minister describes as a “huge investment.”

He said St Vincent and the Grenadines would retain management of the proposed golf course and club house, while the management of the hotel will go to the enterprises.

Tokyo, the main bus terminal in St Vincent and the Grenadines, is also part of the proposed development by the Canadians. According to Gonsalves, the plans for Tokyo include a creative arts centre near to the Financial Complex, “little shops” at China Town for vendors, a boardwalk in front the city and a 40 or 50 bedroom hotel nearby in the city.(AL)