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Third body recovered from sea identified as Edinboro resident


The male body which washed up on the beach at Chateaubelair on July 8 has been identified as a resident of Edinboro, a police source told SEARCHLIGHT. However up to press time last night, the name of the man could not be ascertained.

That body, the third to be recovered from the sea off North Leeward in a three-week period, surfaced in Chateaubelair Bay and rode the tide face down for about two hours before coming to rest on the shore.{{more}}

While the body was riding the tide, a large crowd had gathered along the waterfront and on the jetty. Police were quick to cordon off the area and the body was brought onto the beach, where distric medical officer Dr Francis Murray was on hand to declare death. Police photographers and officers from the Major Crimes Unit were also on the scene.

The coastguard vessel with police officers visited the Morne Ronde area yesterday, Monday, after it was reported that a man had drowned in the area around 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Reports are that two brothers from Edinboro hired a small boat to take them up the coast, but the waters were choppy and one of the men fell overboard. The boat operator, along with the surviving brother, accompanied the police, but the search proved futile.

Police officers are said to have also visited the Richmond Bay area after rumours circulated that another body had been seen floating in the area last Thursday morning; however no body was found. Both matters are being investigated.(AC)