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Baptiste outlines seven-point plan for success

Baptiste outlines seven-point plan for success


Leader of the Democratic Republican Party (DRP) Anesia Baptiste has shared what she says is a seven-point plan that will make one achieve one’s dreams.

Baptiste shared what she said is “a mystery” she had discovered while presenting the feature address at the 2015 graduation {{more}}ceremony of the Sion Hill Government School.

“I have discovered the sevenpoint plan that will make you achieve your dreams. I tell you today that everyone who achieves rapid success in life follows this plan more or less. This plan is a science of achieving and if you follow it, you will make your dreams come true,” Baptiste, a former student of the school said.

According to Baptiste, the seven steps are: 1. Dream the Right Dream; 2. Focus on the Dream; 3. Persistence to achieve the Dream; 4. Education concerning the particular dream you are pursuing; 5. Create opportunities to achieve the Dream; 6. Spend personal money to advance closer to the dream; 7. Trust God in everything.

She told those gathered that some dreams or aspirations are destructive to the person, therefore one must ensure that the right dream is dreamt. “Dream a dream that benefits you the individual and also your community and society at large.”

To focus on the dream means one must fix one’s mind on the dream. “Mental fixation on what you want to achieve is very important to achieving it. Some may say you cannot do it and situations in life may threaten your achievement. Whatever the situation, keep your focus on the dream, turn not to the left or right, and you will achieve it.”

“What does it mean to have persistence to achieve the dream?” Baptiste asked.

“You must have ongoing activity towards achieving the dream. If you dream to be an animation designer, you must do activity towards it – keep drawing, improve and perfect your art, do something about it. As my personal motto which I have written says, ‘The Toil for success, breeds success.’ In other words, as you keep doing some activity towards your dream, as you have persistence to achieve the dream, you are bound to achieve it. Have persistence to achieve the dream,” she urged.

She also advised that persons educate themselves about the particular dream they are pursuing. “This is necessary in order for you to understand properly what you’re dreaming about. Keep educating yourself about that dream.”

Baptiste told the graduands that they should create opportunities to achieve their dreams. “For example, do you want to be a teacher? Talk to teachers, show interest in the work teachers do, work towards attending Teachers’ College, work towards your degree in education and such like – open the way to help yourself.”

She also asked them to think about how they were spending their money. “People spend money on all sorts of things. Do not just spend on snacks and games. Do you desire to be a food processor for example? Save up your money and buy a book about recipes, buy tools that will help you. This will teach you to save, economize towards achieving your dream.”

The most important step in the plan Baptiste said was to trust in God for everything.

She also presented the student of the year award to Rayad Daize.