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Women urged to find time to collectively discuss issues

Women urged to find time to collectively discuss issues


Women do not always bring to the surface the trials that they are facing and at times, that can put someone into a zone that makes them feel they are alone.

“Caribbean societies are so restrictive, a lot of branding goes on, but we don’t really get the opportunity{{more}} to sit amongst ourselves and have the type of discussions we should have,” says chief executive officer of the First Citizens Group Sharon Christopher.

Christopher made these points on Saturday, June 20, at the Beachcombers Hotel’s conference room, while addressing a huge gathering of local women at a one-day women’s conference, which was executed by First Citizen’s Investment Services.

Christopher, who was speaking under the theme, ‘Own Your Success, Live Your Passion,” told the gathering that forums like the one they were at are needed, as women must always find time where they can collectively discuss issues that affect them.

She said that at a very early stage in her life, she saw the need to do things to help empower women and she is glad when she can be involved in activities that bring women together to discuss issues, “that are really relevant to women, because as women, we understand that a lot of times we don’t surface what is really happening; we live under a sort of mask, and we do what is expected of us.”

She added that most of the time, persons would look at other persons and judge them, by saying things like, “oh, you are successful; oh, you are not successful, and they brand you with whatever…so it is important to sit amongst ourselves and have discussions as you may think that nobody would understand your issues, but at the end of the day everyone is standing in the same space.”

Speaking further, Christopher said that women must find their passion and purpose and “if you don’t know what your purpose is, find your passion and your passion will lead you to your purpose.”

She said that in her opinion, a lot people say, “I don’t know what my passion is,” but that is ok as life leads you towards your passion.

Christopher used the opportunity to share her life story with the gathering with the hope that it would help the listeners find their passion and purpose.

The forum also heard from Keshia Smith-Jeremie, Dr Camille Nicholls, Kimya Glasgow, Carole Eleuthere-Jn Marie and Narea Browne (MBBS, MD, Class of 2017, UWI).

Addressing the gathering, manager of First Citizens Financial Services Norlan Gabriel said that the third annual conference was a partnership with, among others, FLOW, X-Treme FM, Everdale Farms and Ju-C.

“It is a pleasure to have women here to look inside and develop the things that we need to work on,” said Gabriel who added that at times, women don’t pay attention to certain inner issues, as these issues cannot be observed by outsiders.

She stressed that full day sessions of this nature can help persons with inner situations that they need to address.

“Own your success, live your passion, because there is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living,” said Gabriel.

The forum addressed topics including ‘Health: the fruit of passion, ‘Use it or lose it; break free from the chains of self-sabotage: Journey from full to fulfilled’ and ‘Embrace your passion and success will follow: Practical exercises for finding passion and purpose’.