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National Treasures of SVG launches at UWI Open Campus

National Treasures of SVG launches at UWI Open Campus


A non-profit organization, whose focus is on the preservation of the intangible and tangible cultural heritage of St Vincent and the Grenadines, was presented to the media last Tuesday.

The National Treasures of St Vincent and the Grenadines was registered as a non-profit company in November 2014. It has as its chairperson Anthony Theobalds and deputy chairperson Deirdre Myers.{{more}} Other members of the board include treasurer Tony Regisford, secretary Carlita Daniel, director John Horne and honorary member and special advisor Sir Errol Allen.

At the launch, which took place at the UWI Open Campus on Murray’s Road, Kingstown, a background of the National Treasures and its work was given and an excerpt shown from the Treasure Trove – part of an interview with Alston Beckett Cyrus about his career, history with Carnival and singing calypso then soca; and the change from pre-Lent season Carnival to June/July, 38 years ago in 1977.

Guests at the launch were treated to a rare unplugged performance from our own National Treasure – Alston Beckett Cyrus.

Beckett performed several of his best loved tunes, accompanying himself on the guitar. He began with his recent hit song ‘Mo Rush,’ released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his song ‘Gal a Rush Me’. Then he sang ‘Vincy Mas’ and asked for requests from the audience, which came thick and fast. He sang ‘St Vincent, I Love you,’ ‘Love is the Answer,’ ‘Hezikiah,’ ‘Sweet Soca,’ ‘Teaser’ and ‘Carnival History.’ Beckett’s performance was loudly applauded by the very appreciative audience.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who came to the launch straight from the airport, spoke about the Government endorsement of National Treasures and of the need for such organizations and the work they do.

Gonsalves also restated his wish to see history as a core subject on the curriculum in our schools for all students from primary to secondary up to CXC level.

The Prime Minister also pledged his personal support for National Treasures and gave a cheque for his membership donation, while urging all Vincentians to support National Treasures by donating and or joining the organization to assist with its work.

Gonsalves then assisted in unveiling the National Treasures’ logo on a standing banner, generously donated by Multigraphics. He was then presented with a polo shirt printed with the logo. Polo shirts were also given to Derry Williams, general manager of the Bank of SVG, which has provided financial assistance to National Treasures and Desiree Richards of Metrocint General Insurance Services Ltd, who sponsored the media launch.

The launch ended with light refreshments which included some items no longer much seen, such as arrowroot starch cakes and lime balls.

National Treasures of St Vincent and the Grenadines: Protecting, Preserving, Promoting our Vincentian Cultural Heritage.