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I respect the laws of the land and the views of its citizens – ULP Leader

I respect the laws of the land and the views of its citizens – ULP Leader


In response to Pastor Sonny Williams’ call for political leaders to state their position on gay marriage in SVG, political leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has asserted that he respects the laws of the country and the views of its citizens.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT, Gonsalves explained: “The law is what the law is… {{more}}I am mindful of all the discussions taking place throughout the region and the Western world, including the recent decision of the Supreme Court. I am also mindful, as the Prime Minister of the country, my obligations in relation to the laws of the land and the values of the people.”

He further pointed out that at present, the topic of gay marriage and gay rights is a social issue and that politicians don’t necessarily have to take the lead on starting a conversation on every social issue.

“Those who wish to begin a conversation on this subject, it’s a free and democratic society and they can have the conversation… The discourse which is taking place is much better led by the churches and non-governmental organizations and the media.”

Gonsalves further opined that as a Catholic, he does not agree with every stance the church takes, but one that he does agree with is that regardless of sexual orientation, we must love everyone.

“Don’t be engaged in hostile acts against people who may have a different [sexual] orientation… Those who have a different sexual orientation must understand, too, that they live in a society with a particular set of values.”