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Whereabouts of third missing man still unknown

Whereabouts of third missing man still unknown


Following the discovery of two bodies in the waters of Trois Loups Bay last week, a third man who is still missing and is suspected dead has been identified as Alston Walker, a resident of Petit Bordel.

Walker’s uncle, Vandal Murray, says he is hopeful that his nephew is found.{{more}}

In an interview yesterday, Murray, said he last spoke with Walker on Monday, June 22.

“He told me he was going fishing on Tuesday and that was really the last time we spoke,” Murray said, adding that Walker is a watchman.

On Wednesday, June 24, he said he received a telephone call stating that Alston, in his early thirties, had died.

“The same time I went by my mother in Petit Bordel and while there, I was hearing persons saying he was shot,” Murray told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

Murray stated that his mother reported that Alston told her that he was going fishing with two other men.

“Up until now, he ain’t return. He was a loving and kind-hearted man who looked out for everyone, especially his grandmother. That’s just the kind of person he was,” Murray said.

On June 25, the bodies of Brian Baptiste, 50, of Sandy Bay and Glenroy ‘Casual’ Delpesche, 26, of Petit Bordel were discovered in the seawater north of Larikai Point, along the northwestern coast of St Vincent.

Villagers of the area said that they suspect that the men were killed after 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, when several gunshots were heard coming from the area where the bodies were found.

Police, in a report issued yesterday, say investigations into the deaths of the two men continue.

Post mortem examinations conducted on Monday on the deceased conclude that both men died from asphyxia due to drowning. The pathologist also notes that there was no sign of physical injury on the dead men.

Relatives of Delpesche and Baptiste reported them missing on Wednesday, June 24, claiming that they, along with Walker, had gone fishing on Tuesday, June 23 and had not returned.(KW)