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Woman calls for persons to stop saying she’s HIV positive

Woman calls for persons to stop saying she’s HIV positive


Glen resident Natasha Fernandez is calling on individuals to desist from spreading false rumours that she is HIV positive.

The distressed woman visited SEARCHLIGHT this week after finding out that her photo was being circulated on Facebook, with a warning for men to stay away from her because she is carrying the deadly virus.

According to Fernandez, the post also states that she had transmitted the virus {{more}}to a man, who is currently a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

Armed with her HIV test from May 26, 2015, the Glen resident declared that she is not HIV positive and called for persons to stop saying that she is.

“They just post up my picture on Facebook saying that I have AIDS. They don’t have proof or nothing. They don’t have my results. They’re just going around telling people that I have AIDS,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I feel bad because I know I don’t have it. I did a medical last year and I know I negative because I always do tests. I know my standard and I don’t want people going around telling other people I have AIDS and I know I don’t have AIDS. That is not nice, because I won’t pull down anybody like that.”

The mother of four, who broke down in tears as she told her story, said that the rumours are not having a good effect on her family. She noted that her children are hearing the stories and feel bad about it. Additionally, she indicated that the rumours have caused her to isolate herself from others and that she feels very alone.

“I don’t want my children to be hearing things and have to be hiding their face and all kind of thing, because I always do my test them. People talk and say how they will make me lose my job and all kinds of things,” Fernandez, an employee at the MCMH, said.

“It hard. It real hard; just people going around saying things that not true. I just want it to stop. I want to tell the public and the people of Glen, please don’t call up my name, because I’m not HIV positive.”(BK)