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Radio Grenadines Inc officially opens

Radio Grenadines Inc officially opens


After operating out of a bedroom for over three years, Radio Grenadines Inc officially opened its Internet studio and media facility on June 12, 2015.

That day also saw 21 persons graduating from a certified training course in Radio Broadcasting and Production, which was endorsed{{more}} by the Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM).

Radio Grenadines Inc, a non-profit community organization, which was incorporated in 2012, is currently in the 10th month of a one-year project that is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP), UNDP, under the theme “raising awareness on climate change and environmental issues through the establishment of an Internet Radio and Media Facility in the Grenadines.”

Operating out of a bedroom for over three years rendered Radio Grenadines not suitable to host interviews and community discussions.

Under the project, a fully equipped Internet radio facility was set up on Union Island to conduct a series of climate change and community talk shows, as well as host interviews and discussions.

The project also provided for a two-week training course in Radio Broadcasting and Production and four one-day media workshops across the Grenadines.

The two-week training course was conducted by Maxian Harry and Bernard Joseph, both experienced and trained radio broadcasters. Bernard Joseph holds an Instructor’s Certificate in Broadcasting from the BBC, as well as over 30 years of experience in the field. The training course received endorsement from the ACM, which is a grouping of media professionals across the Caribbean.

The launching and graduation ceremony took place at the Eagle’s Nest in Union Island last Friday and was well attended by persons in the community; several speakers remarked on their experience with Radio Grenadines and the project.

National coordinator for GEF SGP, UNDP Hayden Billingy, gave brief remarks, stating that the funding agency, GEF, is proud to be associated with the Radio Grenadines project. He also recognized that the project contributed significantly to community empowerment and sustainable livelihoods.

Billingy stated, “Today 21 proud men and women sit across from me, now trained in Radio Broadcasting and Production and 62 others across the Grenadines in public relations and media use; this is what we mean when we talk about community empowerment.”

These figures bring the total number of persons trained under the project to 83.

Harry, in his remarks, encouraged the graduates to always read and be in contact with their community.

In his remarks, Joseph gave an overview of the training course, which he said was divided into three modules: understanding radio, radio production and performing. He also stated that a session was done on media law, mainly on defamation, which was delivered by attorney-at-law Heidi Badnock.

Joseph expressed his confidence in the graduating class.

“I have confidence in you and I know you are going to have a good radio station and you’re going to have good career; you have transferrable skills.” Joseph said.

One of the founders of Radio Grenadines, Stanton Gomes, in his feature address told the gathering that he and co-founder Alwyn Alexander started the radio station in two separate bedrooms in Toronto, Canada and on Union Island.

Gomes thanked several persons and organizations such as LIME, Nadia Young, Aubrey Mills, Roseman Adams, GEF SGP, UNDP and others whose contribution was instrumental in moving Radio Grenadines ahead. These persons were each given a token of appreciation later in the ceremony.

A climate change monologue was done by Attika James. Certificates were handed out to each student, while Danny Alexander played a piece on the saxophone. Delivering a speech on behalf of the students was Nicole Delpeche, who recounted the training experience.

Member of Parliament for the Southern Grenadines Terrence Ollivierre complimented Radio Grenadines, stating that he is proud of their achievement. He also acknowledged that persons overseas are able to follow sporting and cultural events in the Grenadines while they are not here, which is a plus.

The ceremony closed with a vote of thanks by Vennecia Badnock Ollivierre, after which persons assembled outside the new studio facility for the blessing, which was done by Pastor Nixon Louis.

GEF representative Hayden Billingy, assisted by the founder of Radio Grenadines, performed the traditional “cutting of the ribbon.” Persons present took the opportunity to tour the facility and congratulated the team.

This July, Radio Grenadines will launch a series of climate change talk shows, aiming to raise awareness on the issue and also share preventative and adaptive techniques. Persons following these talk shows will have the opportunity to win prizes. The talk shows and other community programming can be heard by logging on to; the stream is also available on the TuneIn and Nobex apps for mobile phones.