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11-year-old does Calliaqua Anglican proud at CPEA

11-year-old does Calliaqua Anglican proud at CPEA


“I want to be an entrepreneur!”

Having just placed third for girls and third overall at the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations, Donya Lucas will undoubtedly one day achieve her goal of owning her own business – and much more.

Speaking with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Donya, who attends the Calliaqua Anglican School, said that she was “very happy” that she had placed so highly in her exams,{{more}} and is keenly looking forward to attending the Girls’ High School in the new academic term.

“I think High School would be a very good place to further my education,” she asserted.

Donya, daughter of Ianca Lucas, achieved 96 per cent for Mathematics – her favourite subject – 98 per cent for Science, and 92 per cent for English Language.

She gained the highest score nationwide in Science.

In preparation for the CPEA exams, which the nation’s Grade 6 students sat last month, the 11-year-old said that she was meticulous about revising the work that she had done over the past school year, took lessons outside of school, and also went through past test papers.

“I was encouraged a lot by my teachers, and by my family.”

Donya also recalled that on the day she sat her exams, she felt positive about the outcome.

“I felt good,” she explained. “The test paper was fairly easy, but I was also nervous because I wasn’t sure about some of the questions.”

In her spare time, Donya reads a lot, citing her preferred genre as fantasy. She also plays with her friends and cousins in the neighbourhood.

In addition to her mother, the 11-year-old lives with her sisters, grandmother, aunts, uncles and several cousins.

Although she is not sure what she will be getting up to during the summer holidays, Donya hopes to visit a few places of interest around the island.

Head teacher Gillian Dougan said that she is very proud of Donya’s performance, and expected her to place highly in these exams because she has always been a top performer at the school. (JSV)