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Local producer launches second line of chutney

Local producer launches second line of chutney


Many locals will no doubt have heard of Sabrina Marks-Dasent, who has been running her business, Plum Tree, since January 2012.

She is known mainly for her ever expanding range of scrumptious samosas and spring rolls, which she supplies to private parties and a very select few {{more}}restaurants. She also supplies several supermarkets with her increasingly popular Butter and Garlic Naans.

It has been just over two years since the launch of her Plum Tree Chutney at Sunrise Supermarket in Arnos Vale, which is now available at most supermarkets.

This week, she is pleased to launch her second chutney, MANGO CHUTNEY, at Sunrise Supermarket, followed by availability at a lot more locations shortly.

“Although there are no shortages of Mango Chutneys here, after tasting ALL of them, I thought it worthwhile to introduce a very flavourful and wholesome one. There are several reasons mine stands out, the main one being the prime ingredient THE MANGO.

“Mine comes exclusively from mangoes grown at our very own farm (Plum Tree), where it is grown without any intensive farming and pesticides. The main advantage of growing it this way is a product which is of a very high and consistent quality which is wholesome, tasty and has a very high nutrient value. The big downside is that the supply is not abundant, and for this reason there may be times every year that I will not be able to fulfil the demand for it, a disadvantage I am very prepared to accept.

“It also has a multitude of spices, most of them grown in my very own organic garden, Making it very fresh wholesome and highly nutritious. “Wherever possible I try to source from St Vincent, the bottles and even the printing of the labels are done locally. I strongly believe that all Vincentians should support and promote local suppliers to further help develop the country,” Marks-Dascent said in a release.

“One of the reasons my business has grown so successfully is that I have always listened to my customers, taken their suggestions on board and introduced several products when called for. I would dearly like to continue this interaction with all my customers and welcome suggestions and feedback.”