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TIRL to host dialogue on Religious Liberty


The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty INC (TIRL) will host ‘A Religious Liberty Dialogue’ on Thursday, June 18, from 6 p.m. at the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown. This, as TIRL marks the eight year since its formation and incorporation in the state of St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

“TIRL recognizes that in recent times Religious Liberty has come under threat globally by the rise and spread of ISIS Islamist groups, as well as threats related to the push of the Sodomite agenda in legislative changes for gay marriage,” a release from the organization said.

TIRL therefore believes that it is timely to discuss Religious Liberty in this context and promises an evening where they will address questions such as: How do we define Religious Liberty? How should Vincentians respond in the face of threats such as ISIS? How can sexual preference be used as a means to discriminate against the moral preference of Christians? What does the constitution of SVG protect Christians from and guarantee to Christians? Does the granting of special rights to special interest groups give them more rights and freedoms than the average citizen possesses from the constitution of SVG? Does the granting of special rights to special interest groups destroy the principle of equality for all under law?

TIRL extends invitation to the general public to attend this dialogue, which will facilitate a question and answer period.