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Resistance Heartbeat Drummers celebrates fifth anniversary


The Resistance Heartbeat Drummers was born from the merger of members of the Dynamic Rhythm and Arts Group in Solidarity (DRAGS) and some seasoned drummers from different parts of St Vincent and the Grenadines. One such drummer, David Culzac (Bongo Dawit), who at that time held a regular Thursday night drum ritual at his home Kingstown Park, gave consent to the brethren to hold a gathering there, and it was there and then the Resistance Heartbeat Drummers was formed on June 3, 2010.{{more}} For five years consistently, the organization has been holding its gathering at this venue every Thursday.

The Resistance Heartbeat Drummers Inc is a non-profit company, whose motto is “Uplifting our Nation with a Cultural Vitalization’. The major objectives are (a) To revive the drum culture among the youths and those in the schools in particular.(b) To retrieve our Garifuna cultural heritage.

This five-year period was marked with many challenges and successes; the lack of funding and also the negative attitude displayed by some of our people towards the rhythm of the drums were the major challenges faced. The organization’s successes are numerous. Most significant is the partnership forged with the Richmond Vale Academy and the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. During the first year, 2010, the drummers performed with the Digicel talent search programme in villages throughout the country and was well received. In that same year, the organization held its first Cultural Rally to commemorate Black History Month at Dauphine. In 2012, the drummers were given the opportunity to participate in a Creole Festival in Venezuela. This trip was organized and funded by the Venezuelan Embassy. In 2013, two of its drummers were a part of the national delegation to Carifesta, which was held in Suriname. Also during this year, the Resistance Heartbeat Drummers was instrumental in the formation of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Drum Foundation, headed by Victor Mwata Byron, who is also the leader of the Resistance Heartbeat Drummers.

In 2014, a mural was painted at the intersection in Block 2000, Montrose, in recognition of the contribution made in the field of culture by Tanny Peters, a member of that community. The organization has been painting and cleaning the spa in Belair for the past four years.

For their fifth anniversary, the Resistance Heartbeat Drummers will focus on recruiting male and female young persons and taking the drum culture into the schools.

On Thursday, June 4, members socialized in a Games Evening; on Saturday, June 6, there was a Drum Circle at the Vegetable Market on Back Street from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m; and this week, members will be involved in doing community work. (Contributed by Resistance Heartbeat Drummers)