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Bishop’s College hosts second annual Science Fair

Bishop’s College hosts  second annual Science Fair


Students of the Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK) took part in the school’s second annual Science Fair, held on the school’s compound last week Thursday.

Dozens of eager first to fourth form students participated in the event, and many more flocked to see their creative demonstrations of the various components of the science field.{{more}}

Dana Matthias, Biology and Integrated Science teacher at the school said she is hopeful that the Science Fair will develop, and along with that, attract more students interested in pursuing science subjects.

“In the past, if there was a Science Fair nationally, you would not find Bishop’s College. So, what I’m trying to start is that when the National Science Fair is coming around, we can then have confident, willing participants who know their stuff and are willing to present and have innovative, creative ideas,” she asserted.

“Last year… it was on a smaller scale. This year we tried to be a little bit more detailed and on a bigger scale than last year. We just started a science programme, where they’re doing Biology and Chemistry.”

Matthias said that in addition to aiming for BCK students to participate on a national level, she is also aiming to have them compete on a regional level, too.

She further thanked sponsors of the event, including Jujube Bookstore, The Spectacle Shoppe, Teachers’ Cooperative Credit Union and Dr Bertram Stephens.(JSV)