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Rotary Village Doctors visit Vermont Valley

Rotary Village Doctors visit Vermont Valley


More than 200 persons of all ages were the recipients of free medical attention from over a dozen medical practitioners, as the Rotary Village Doctor programme visited the Vermont Valley on the weekend.

Assisted by medical students from the Trinity School of Medicine and local nurses, {{more}}the doctors in the fields of ophthalmology, dentistry, pediatrics, and general medicine, among others, saw to the needs of those who took advantage of the opportunity to get free attention, advice, and medication.

Patients were seen at the Vermont clinic and the nearby community centre, and expressed their profound gratitude to the practitioners for the services they provided.

The patients were advised on how to maintain healthy lifestyles, with some of them being advised that they should follow up on the service they received.

The Rotary Village Doctor programme has seen to the medical needs of thousands of Vincentians over the years, and has in the past, been a lifesaver for some, who under normal circumstances, would not have been able to receive medical care and attention.

The initiative, which was established by the Rotary Club in 2000, is expected to continue with a few more clinics, before the end of the year.