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LIME rewards winners in Fisherman’s Day fishing competitions

LIME rewards winners in Fisherman’s Day fishing competitions


Winners in the just concluded LIME sponsored Fisherman’s Day events turned up at LIME headquarters last week to collect their prizes.

The Fish Fest winners and those victorious in various competitions staged during the 40-day festivities{{more}} received their prizes from senior marketing executive Nikala Williams, who indicated that LIME was proud to be associated with the event, and happy to award the winners for their achievements.

Prizes included a scuba diving tank, a seine net, credit vouchers, tough phones, digital waterproof speaker systems, 4G tablets, free data, all items which are expected to upgrade their profession while out at sea.

Also being rewarded last week were winners in the LIME sponsored lionfish derby, which was also part of the 40 days of activities.

Winners included Team Serenity Dive, who captured first place in the scuba category, and won among other things, a smart phone from LIME. In the free dive category, Rozardo Myers came out on top, and won himself a 4G tablet from LIME.

LIME was a major sponsor of the activities leading up to and including the May 25 Fisherman’s Day celebrations.

In a release, they congratulated all the winners in the different categories of competition, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, for placing a great emphasis on the fishing industry, and all the men and women who play a part in putting ‘a fish on the dish’ of households in St Vincent and the Grenadines.