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Services Week: ‘Building Capacity in Trade in Services’ commences May 18


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, Commerce and Information Technology, in collaboration with the SVG Coalition of Service Industries, will be hosting a Services Week, under the theme ”Building Capacity in Trade in Services” from May 18 to 22.

The main objectives of the week would be: To update stakeholders on the developments in trade in services; to educate Vincentians about the importance of services to the economy;{{more}} to equip the service providers with the necessary knowledge on how to leverage the various trade agreements; to highlight the role of St Vincent and the Grenadines Coalition of Service Industries in the development of the services sector.

It is anticipated that the workshop would assist all present with a greater understanding of trade in services and how to take advantage of the trade opportunities, both regionally and internationally.

The workshop begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at 4 p.m. each day and will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conference room.