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Brewery launches under the crown promotion

Brewery launches under the crown promotion


On July 18 at Victoria Park, one lucky person will take part in a game show type activity being hosted by the St Vincent Brewery Limited and Hairoun and as a result will walk away with EC$30,000.

This money is being given as part of celebrations being held to mark Hairoun Beer and the St Vincent Brewery Limited’s 30th anniversary.{{more}}

On Tuesday, Sales and Marketing manager at the Brewery Shafia London-Williams, speaking at the compound of the brewery at Campden Park, said that in June, the Brewery will celebrate its 30th birthday and in celebration of this they have launched an under the crown promotion dubbed, ‘30 years we Vincy and proud’.

Explaining the campaign, London-Williams said that persons must look under the crowns of the Hairoun beer they purchase to win instant prizes like Hairoun branded gifts such as T-shirts, free beers, tickets to Carnival shows, Carnival costumes and cash ($5, $10 and $30).

Also, persons must look under their crown for three diamonds (like the local flag) which gives them the option to claim a EC$300 prize or an opportunity to take part in the Brewery’s game show type ‘Deal or no deal’ activity which will take place at the Victoria Park on July 18.

“Persons who get a crown with three diamonds like the St Vincent and the Grenadines flag, they get an instant pass into the final competition where they can win instantly $30,000,” said London-Williams while adding, “persons with the three diamonds can, however, trade them in and get $300. If you get three diamonds, you instantly win $300 or you can hold onto it and play for the $30,000.”

The ‘Deal or no deal’ finale will take on the format of a live show giveaway, “a game of luck and chance,” according to London-Williams.

“To become a participant, persons must have a crown that have the diamonds and must be of legal drinking age,” stressed London-Williams.

“We are catering to the needs of our consumer. We offer elements of practicality because we know everyone likes cash,” said London-Williams.

Also, persons hoping for a chance in the finals can enter the Brewery’s sweepstakes draw by placing three crowns in an envelope with their name and contact information and placing it in specially marked Hairoun boxes that are located at Hairoun resellers.

This sweepstakes will be drawn five days before the July 18 finale. The finale will see 30 persons competing for the EC$30,000.

The event on Tuesday was also used to reveal Hairoun’s three anniversary labels which was designed locally by Steven Veira, Dwight Davis and Okana Graham.