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Imagination Mas Band launches ‘Love Stories’ 2015 production

Imagination Mas Band launches ‘Love Stories’ 2015 production


Another local mas band has offered up its 2015 production to the public, hoping to attract more masqueraders to jump with the band this year for Kiddies Carnival and Mardi Gras.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, the band’s treasurer, Julian St Hillaire, said that this year’s presentation, ‘Love Stories,’ was inspired by what has been going on in society of late.{{more}}

“So much violence going on… so we say this Carnival we need more love. So, from there we decided to do love stories,” he explained.

The band, which last year saw approximately 300 masqueraders joining its ranks, this year boasts six adult and two children sections, with costumes designed by Ozzy Constance.

The adult sections are Venus (female only, $350), Love Triangle (female only, $350), Broken Heart (female only, $300), Love At First Sight (female only, $300), Romeo and Juliet (male and female, $300), and Beauty and the Beast (male and female, $350).

The children’s sections are Cupid (boys, $150) and Valentines (girls, $150).

St Hillaire said that interested persons should choose Imagination Mas Band because it is a better experience than with other bands.

“You actually enjoy yourself and we take care of the kids,” he explained. “You have no regrets playing with Imagination!”

He urged would-be masqueraders to sign up early, so they can spread payment over a longer period of time, if needs be.

He also warned members of the public who are not playing mas to refrain from jumping in the band come Carnival Tuesday.

“We sending out a special warning: don’t jump in Imagination if you don’t have a costume… Leave the masqueraders to enjoy themselves. Security will be tight!”

Imagination Mas Band was originally started by Carlon Richards in Bequia, but revamped in 2007. Band leader is Denrick Woodley, and Norma Quashie is the deputy band leader.