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Victim of Long Wall fire appealing for financial help

Victim of Long Wall fire appealing for financial help


One of the tenants who lost all his possessions, in a house fire at Long Wall almost two weeks ago, is appealing to the public for any assistance that they can give.

On Wednesday, April 1, a fire gutted two houses in the Long Wall (Town Hill) area, leaving one of its occupants, Kendol ‘Bird-I’ Charles, homeless.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Charles said that he wants to be compensated for the loss of his possessions, and is yet to hear from the police about the investigation into the cause of the fire.

“Who could help, please help,” he beseeched. “I’m much obliged for any assistance.”

Charles, who is originally from Frenches, said that persons in the Long Wall community have been telling him how the fire allegedly started, but what they have been saying has not been confirmed by the police as yet.

He explained that one of the other tenants at the property he was residing at, Princess Roberts, had returned to Union Island for the Easter holiday weekend, but had left her keys with a friend so that he could cook food for her dogs.

On the ill-fated day of the fire, Roberts’ friend is alleged to have come to cook, lit a fire under the pot, then went outside to tend to the dogs. When he returned to the kitchen, the flame was out, but instead of turning off the gas supply and waiting for the gas to dissipate, the man is alleged to have struck another match, which caused a small explosion, which set a quickly spreading fire to the kitchen.

Charles said that he was told that this person received burns to his face and upper torso, and fled the scene before the police or firefighters got there. Charles was also told that the man spent approximately four days in hospital, being treated for his injuries.

“I want him to compensate me, because everything burn!” he lamented.

“I see it as a big loss… but life has to go on,” said Charles, who lived at Long Wall since 2006. “I just have to hope for the better… something good will come out of this.”

Describing himself as a man with strong faith, Charles said that he is thankful that the situation didn’t result in anything worse, but he needs assistance getting back on his feet. At present, he is staying at a friend’s residence in Edinborro until he can do better.

“Anything will be accepted.”

SEARCHLIGHT attempted to get in touch with the Criminal Investigation Department for an update on its investigation into the matter; however, we were unsuccessful in doing so, as the relevant investigating officer was out of office up to press time.

For members of the public who wish to assist Charles, he can be contacted at (784) 534-2774.