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Gov’t of SVG strengthens ties, advances interests with Morocco

Gov’t of SVG strengthens ties, advances interests with Morocco


Following a “highly productive and successful” four-day visit to Morocco, the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines can look forward to a strengthened relationship between itself and the North African country – with greater {{more}}emphasis on their mutual interests.

Prime Minister Hon. Dr Ralph Gonsalves recently led a delegation to hold discussions with Morocco’s prime minister His Excellency Abdelilah Benkiran, and several representatives from key ministries.

During a meeting with the Heads of Government, Gonsalves and his delegation discussed a variety of issues relating to development cooperation – with specific focus on hotel development, airport management, fertilisers for Vincentian farmers, educational exchanges, and vocational training for Vincentian nationals.

These meetings were held with Mbarka Bouaida, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; Lachen Heddad, Minister of Tourism; Abdelaziz Rabah, Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics; Rachid Talbi Amai, President of the House of Representatives; and Mohammed Cheikh Biadillah, President of the House of Counsellors.

The Prime Minister also had the opportunity to visit the Office of Vocational Training and Employment Training (OFPPT), which has 337 schools catering to over 370,000 15 – 26 year-olds across 271 occupations.

Of all new businesses established by young persons in Morocco, an estimated 70 per cent of them are graduates of OFPPT.

On arrival to Morocco, the Prime Minister and his delegation were treated to a welcome ceremony, which included inspection of the honour guards and a brief reception. They also visited the Mohammed V Mausoleum, where Gonsalves signed the Golden Book.

As well as visiting an aeronautics school in Casablanca, PM Gonsalves and his delegation also attended a seven course dinner that was put on in his honour by the King of Morocco His Majesty Mohammed VI.

As well as the Prime Minister, the Vincentian delegation included Rhonda King, Permanent Representative of SVG to the United Nations; Dr Rudolph Matthias, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the International Airport Development Company; and the Prime Minister’s wife Eloise Gonsalves.