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Silvakast brings new TV experience with DirectV

Silvakast brings new TV experience with DirectV


A television experience that will rival cable television and popular Netflix, Huluplus and Roku has arrived in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Through authorized dealers, Silvakast, Vincentians will have the opportunity to access the satellite television services of DIRECTV.{{more}}

While it is not the first time that this service has been offered in the country, SilvaKast’s managing director, Kirk Da Silva Jr, promises that the cost and experience are better than before.

“We want to be able to take the experience, the TV experience to another level in terms of technology and you being able to share on the go and in your home,” Da Silva said in a recent interview with SEARCHLIGHT.

“In the future, we hope to have mobile apps where you can go to your phone, your tablet or computer, so that you can see what programme you can look at later.”

The managing director revealed that with DIRECTV, persons have access to a wide variety of channels on their basic package, which includes a kids section, sports section and cinema section. Separate packages that include FoxPlus, additional Sportsmax channels and HBO are also available for sports and movie lovers. Furthermore, Da Silva noted that users will soon be able to pause and rewind live television.

“Because we are closest to South America, we’re deemed South American feed, but with the launch of a new satellite, we’re hoping to eliminate as much of these Latin American channels as possible so we go more for an American feed as opposed to South American feed. So far, we have Spanish yes, but our main programme is not Spanish. If for some reason it comes across in Spanish, we have a language button on the remote, you double click it and change from Spanish to English,” he explained.

While HuluPlus, Roku and Netflix have become popular alternatives to cable television in recent times, Da Silva opined that DIRECTV services can rival what these products have to offer. He noted that not only is DIRECTV introducing some of the features of these products, but it is also more reliable.

“You can have the same experience, but with more options; the option of a TV experience as opposed to an Internet experience. These things don’t always work. For example, you have a bad Internet connection that day, everything is slowed down, streaming is bad, it’s not guaranteed to show, but these things do have a market, so we want to be able to compete with these as well,” he reasoned.

“The service itself is a very affordable product as opposed to in the past when it was pretty expensive to acquire DIRECTV. SilvaKast, we only came in to try and get that service a bit more available and right now we’re at the lowest cost possible to please everyone.”

The satellite television service offers the basic package at $105.57 and SilvaKast has been upgrading channels and listening to consumers on how best to provide for their needs.

DIRECTV is being made available to persons on mainland St Vincent, as well as those in the Grenadines. Persons interested in the service can stop by the SilvaKast offices, which is located upstairs in the Sprotts Building, to discuss a plan with one of their employees. (BK)