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Ahdrenalin Mas presents ‘An Eastern Travelogue’ for Vincy Mas 2015


This summer, Ahdrenalin Mas will take you on an odyssey from the zen bamboo forests in the Land of the Rising Sun, through the majestic halls of the Taj Mahal, and the golden sands of the Gobi Desert in our Vincy Mas 2015 presentation of “An Eastern Travelogue”. Follow us, if you dare, on an expedition filled with excitement, adventure and colour with alluring costumes inspired by the exotic nations of the Far East (like Japan, India, Egypt and more).{{more}}

This year, masqueraders can expect more luxurious costume options and magnificent frontlines, as the growing demand for captivating visuals continues to consume the selfie generation. In addition, to help cope with challenging economic times, all masqueraders can enjoy a cost reduction when full payment is made early, while returning Junkies are eligible for extra discounts.

On Saturday, March 28, the journey will begin when Ahdrenalin will officially launch “An Eastern Travelogue.” Further information to follow and be posted on the band’s Facebook page, Ahdrenalin Carnival.

Judging from the many early inquiries, Ahdrenalin is once again anticipating an even greater increase in band size and as such, the troop is busy preparing for what promises to be the most exciting year yet.