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VINLEC’s fuel surcharge rate falls even lower


The Fuel Surcharge Rate applicable on electricity bills for the month of March will be the lowest they have been since June 2009.

A release from St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) said the Fuel Surcharge Rate on electricity bills for the month of March is 28.63 cents per unit.{{more}} This represents a decrease of 3.06 cents over the month of February, and follows a drop of 13.80 cents for the month of February over the month of January.

During the month of February, the cost of diesel used for the generation of electricity was 3.1 million dollars when compared to a cost of 3.6 million dollars in January. The further decrease in the Fuel Surcharge Rate is the combination of a lower unit cost per gallon of diesel and less fuel consumption in the month of February. Electricity production at the Company’s Hydro Plants amounted to 10% of total electricity generation.

The Fuel surcharge Rate of 28.63 cents per unit for the month of March represents the lowest Surcharge Rate since June 2009 when the rate was 24.05 cents unit.

“While VINLEC cannot determine the price of diesel, the Company is nonetheless elated that it can continue to pass these lower Surcharge Rates onto its customers such that they pay lower electricity bills.

“VINLEC wishes to remind customers of the importance of energy conservation. Be wise and conserve! Be efficient to be effective!” the release from the VINLEC said.