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CW Prescod continues 25th anniversary celebrations

CW Prescod  continues 25th anniversary celebrations


The CW Prescod Primary School continues the year-long celebrations of its 25th anniversary with the hosting of a National Heroes Day activity, this Friday, March 13, at the school’s compound.

The National Heroes Day activity will be held under the theme: ‘Reclaimimg Our Heritage {{more}}with Pride’. It involves an exhibition of things past and present and a creole food sale.

The activity is geared at creating an awareness of our past experiences, providing an opportunity for parents and the general public to have an insight of the varied programmes offered by the school and to develop an appreciation for our heritage.

The celebration began with a church service held at the Kingstown Methodist Church on September 25 and a family Fun Night held on November 7.

“Twenty-five Years of Dedication, Quality Education and Achievement” is the theme for the Jubilee Anniversary.