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Courts recognizes employees for years of service

Courts recognizes employees for years of service


Four employees of furniture and appliance store Courts St Vincent Limited were last month recognized for their decades of service to the company.

At the annual dinner and awards ceremony held at the Octagon in February, cashier Eleanor Billy, bargain centre manager Gerald Gellizeau, {{more}}office attendant Alonzo Gordon and Courts sales and credit system manager Marylyn Lucas were rewarded and congratulated for their hard work and dedication to Courts, having each been with the company for 30 years.

Billy, Gordon, Lucas and Gellizeau were hailed as stalwarts in the organization and were encouraged to continue the good work they have been doing, and carry the vision and mission of Courts St Vincent Limited high.

The four were among 15 members of staff, who were recognized for their years of service.

Marking 20 years of service was Wendy Edwards, while Jozelle King Roberts, Joslyn Ollivierre, Rosanna Veira and Nicola Craigg each marked 15 years with the company.

Nordia Lee, Indra Grant, Shawnette Walker, Dave Hackshaw, Liston Lyttle and Rozann Samuel, celebrated 10 years.