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Vincentian youth brings aerial perspective to local businesses

Vincentian youth brings  aerial perspective  to local businesses


For anyone wanting to add a “new perspective” to their business, Vincy Visions can now facilitate such – offering aerial photography and videography through the use of a drone.

Vincy Visions’ owner Dominic Gonsalves started offering drone services in January 2015, having been inspired {{more}}to purchase the equipment when a friend showed him the numerous ways in which it can be used.

“No one here had it, so I thought it was a good opportunity to start a little business!” he explained.

The 24-year-old entrepreneur admitted that mastering the use of the drone and Go Pro camera took some doing, but now that he has done so, he can offer his services to be used in real estate, media/news production, land surveying, promotional videos (tourism), films, music videos, mapping and navigation (at sea) and much more.

The drone is capable of reaching heights of up to 750 metres, whilst the camera produces high resolution photographs and video.

“It goes so high that when you look up… it disappears,” he pointed out, noting that it is easy to lose sight of the drone if you are not paying full attention to it or get distracted.

“When you lose it… you have to just bring it down until you see it again,” he explained. “It gets quite scary when it disappears.”

Gonsalves, a Villa resident, said that although he studied agriculture, he is keen on developing his skills in aerial photography and videography. He also said that he has given some thought to one day establishing his own media production company.

In addition to working on a few projects, Gonsalves said that he is experimenting with the drone and camera as much as possible to build up the portfolio of work that he can present to potential customers.

So far, he has been charting the progress of the international airport site at Argyle, and did some aerial footage at Rock Gutter, where a vehicular accident claimed the lives of seven persons and injured several others. Additionally, he did footage of the funeral service.

“I tried to be very respectful and hide, so nobody saw me,” he explained. “I don’t think anyone saw me or the drone.”

Gonsalves said that he regrets not being able to use the drone on the day of the accident itself (due to windy and rainy weather conditions), because he believes it could have been used to help search for the victims.

For anyone who would like to find out pricing and/or additional information about Vincy Visions’ drone service, Gonsalves can be contacted by telephone (784) 457-4922, and via Facebook (Vincy Visions).