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NTRC, CIC to hold discussion on effects of LIME/Flow merger


A panel discussion will be held next week to discuss the proposed merger of telecommunications companies LIME and Flow and the perceived implications for the consumer.{{more}}

The discussion, according to a release from the organizers, seeks to highlight the potential advantages and disadvantages of the LIME/Flow merger in the local and regional contexts; sensitize and educate the public on the particulars of the merger and garner the public’s views on the merger and the possible implications to the consumers.

The discussion, which will be held by the Ministry of Information Technology, in conjunction with the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) and the SVG Chamber of Industry and Commerce, will take place on Monday, February 23, from 4:30 p.m.

The panel includes representatives from LIME/Flow, Digicel, the NTRC, the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, a member of the business community and a representative from the SVG Consumer Group.

The event will also be broadcast on radio and streamed live online. Questions may be texted or posted to the Ministry’s Facebook page ( Details to text questions will be provided on the afternoon of the discussion.