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Young entrepreneurs complete business incubator programme

Young entrepreneurs complete business incubator programme


Ten young entrepreneurs are on their way to providing new services to St Vincent and the Grenadines through their various small business ideas.

As part of the St Vincent and the Grenadines National Centre of Technological Innovation’s mandate to generate economic growth, the organization hosted a Business Incubator Programme, with the aim of helping young entrepreneurs to grow their business skills and strengthen their business ideas.{{more}}

On Monday, this initiative, which is funded by the Caribbean Regional Communication Infrastructure Programme (CARCIP), saw the first 10 entrepreneurs having their ideas approved.

Ronette Lewis, the business incubator manager, told participants that the programme was their opportunity for growth and development as they will now be able to chart their course for their business and identifying where they see themselves in the future.

“Everybody’s success story is different and everybody charts a different course in life. Your course is not going to look like the one of the person sitting next to you. It’s going to be completely different and that’s okay, but you have to know what you want. My advice to you is to make sure that you have clear and defined objectives. Know what you want from this business. Know where you are heading,” Lewis said.

Business development officer Sharon Bibby congratulated the recipients and urged them to make the most of their opportunity by being reliable, trustworthy and having integrity.

“Not everybody is willing to take a bold and courageous step to start their own business,” she said.

“We must congratulate you for your hard work and the achievements that you have made this far. You have passed through scrutiny of the business incubator manager and business development officer; you have actually braved the interview panel of the business incubatee selection committee; and we have found that your businesses are viable, innovative, and worthwhile of our time and investment.”

In brief remarks, Ovid Burke, the owner of Net Media Information Solutions, thanked Lewis, Bibby and SVGNCTI for their hard work and support.

“The journey has been fun so far. It’s been a lot of hard work. It’s been a new experience for myself and probably for some of the others, but most of all, I think I would be allowed on behalf of all the incubates to say thank you very much,” Burke said.

The young entrepreneur expressed best wishes to all other entrepreneurs and encouraged everyone to make use of one another’s services, where necessary.

The Business Incubator Programme will run for the next two years and a further 10 entrepreneurs are expected to enter into the incubator phase within the next month.(BK)