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Local writers must be heard – Phillips

Local writers must be heard – Phillips


The Association of Writers of St Vincent and the Grenadines says the organization has big plans for this country and they are eager to put them into action.

In an interview earlier this week, secretary of the Association Herlon Phillips said their plan is to give literature the exposure {{more}}it deserves.

“We are a society that is exposed to literature as we should. So, it is important that we bring things of this nature on the front burner. Our local writers must be heard in terms of the content of their work,” Phillips stated.

The Association of Writers was incorporated in July 2012, and its purpose is to establish a foundation for literature. The association is non-profit and procures funding via donations.

Phillips says the Association has seven directors and approximately 25 members. It is headed by physician Dr Chester Toney.

Recently, Phillips said the association embarked on a project to award posthumous certificates to individuals who, in their opinion, were disenfranchised in the past.

“This is a form of enabling the society to realize that each and every individual’s contribution must be respected,” Phillips said.

He encouraged the public to partner with them in helping to develop the organization.

Phillips added that they will also be seeking donations to set up what is called an authors’ house.

“We want to set it up somewhere around the city, so that people could come and have a relaxing time and there we will have copies of published work on display and other paraphernalia from the association,” he stated.

According to Phillips, the association has a great vision for the country and wants St Vincent to be a centre of learning and excellence.

“When the association does something, we want to have it preserved, probably in the archives, so it can be used as part of our patrimony, where whenever tourists come to our shores they will want to indulge in our culture,” he stated.

“If we are creating new culture, we must have somewhere that that culture can be preserved for posterity.”

Recently, poet Silma Duncan, who has written nine books of poetry, was recognized and awarded by the organization for her years of hard work.

Telephone numbers: 430-2956 or 455-3513.

The Association’s office is located upstairs the Bonadie Supermarket building on Bedford Street. (KW)