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GHS Young Leaders launch 2015 programme

GHS Young Leaders launch 2015 programme


The Girls’ High School Young Leaders recently launched their 2015 programme, which will focus on digital citizenship and how persons, both young and old, can use the Internet and digital technology responsibly.

The launch took place at the Girls’ High School on Tuesday, February 10,{{more}} with an afternoon of activities hosted by the 34 Young Leaders – under the theme “Digital Citizenship: responsibly navigating technology”.

The feature address was delivered by Felix Bowman, lead programmer at the National Insurance Services.

Extolling the benefits of the Internet, he said that it has “changed humanity forever” and become so vital to daily life that the United Nations has declared access to broadband Internet to be a human right.

“Possibilities that didn’t exist – and weren’t imagined 25 years ago – are being realised today,” he pointed out. “It has changed the way we do business… we can set up our stores online, and ship our goods to customers wherever they may be!”

He also spoke of the Internet’s ability to connect people across the globe through the various social media platforms.

In addition, Bowman made sure to warn his young audience of the pitfalls of using the Internet and digital technology irresponsibly – making reference to “provocative” photographs being leaked online on a regular basis, and the fact that inappropriate content being posted online can have a detrimental effect on their social and educational lives, as well as future career prospects.

“Like a great history book, everything on the Internet is remembered forever… let that sink in for a minute,” he said.

As responsible digital citizens, Bowman said that it is our duty to use the Internet and digital technology for the greater good instead of using it to promote and encourage negativity.

“We all have an amazing opportunity to help to shape the lanscape that is before us. We also have the chance to leave behind something that is greater than what we have encountered… While we are basking in the sunshine of possibilities that exist, we should keep in mind that the footprints we leave behind… should tell the story of how we want to be remembered.”

President of the GHS Young Leaders Abeni Richards also gave a brief address, reinforcing what the feature speaker had said about the dangers of posting inappropriate content online, plagiarism, and cyber-bullying.

Richards said that as part of the group’s programme for 2015, among other activities, it will be hosting a workshop for mostly older persons, in the hopes of enlightening them about Internet and digital technology usage.

Additionally, the Young Leaders will be focusing on working with younger persons to teach them how to navigate the online/digital world safely and effectively.

“There is no greater pleasure than to achieve goals such as these with a group of like-minded individuals who work together to encourage others to be responsible users of technology,” she asserted.

The launch also included a mini fashion show, the unveiling of this year’s banner, and the introduction of the girls participating in for this year’s Miss St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown pageant.(JSV)