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Police investigating vehicular accidents occurring over weekend


Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding two motor vehicle accidents, which took place over the weekend.

On January 31, motor vehicle H6872, an omnibus owned by Dexter John of Georgetown and driven by Zimron DaSouza of Mt Grenan, collided with motor vehicle RE147,{{more}} a car owned by Desman Wyllie of Glen and driven by Maxwell Thomas of Layou.

A female passenger on board the omnibus sustained an injury to her right leg.

On that same day, at the Villa public road, motor vehicle PA10, a jeep owned and driven by Robert Forde of Villa, collided with motor vehicle P3394, a car owned by Zico Garraway and driven by Callique Haywood of New Montrose.

Passenger of motor vehicle PA10, Nakita John, 23, secretary of Green Hill, sustained a dislocated right arm and injuries to her left arm.

Meanwhile, another passenger of that vehicle, Tamica Foyle, 22, secretary, sustained minor injuries about her body.

Both were taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where they were treated and discharged.