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Coordinated Border Management


The Customs and Excise Department joined our counterparts around the world in once again celebrating International Customs day on January 26. This year’s celebration was held under the slogan ‘Coordinated Border management – An inclusive approach for connecting stakeholders.’{{more}}

International Customs Day is the anniversary of the first meeting of the World Customs Organization (WCO) over 60 years ago. It’s an event that recognizes the efforts of Customs workers all over the world and marks the contribution made by Customs Administrations towards making out communities safe and prosperous.

This year the Department seeks to promote the enhanced coordination practices and mechanisms that we have implemented within the administration and with other agencies, as well as with economic operators involved in cross-border trade. It is an occasion to acknowledge those agencies; that work along with Customs to enhance trade and economic well-being.

The Department, guided by this year’s slogan, commemorated this occasion with a week of activities from 25th to 31st January. Officers visited schools, held an exhibition and made time to socialize with one another, among other activities.

Great consideration was given to the modernization efforts that have already created a paradigm shift in the Customs environment. Over the past year we have been making efforts to strengthen the relationship with our stakeholders through the Gold Card programme.

The Gold Card programme aims at maintaining a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between the Customs staff and the business community in general and with the membership of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce specifically.

To date six Gold Card applications have been received since the launch of the programme in 2013, three of which have been approved for Gold Card status. It is expected that at least two more companies will be Gold Card holders by the end of this year.

Gold Card holders would be facilitated as quickly as possible through the Customs system, as part of their agreement to be compliant with all Customs laws and regulations and to allow the Customs to carry out audits after their goods have been cleared. They would be subject to fewer physical examinations and documentary controls than other importers, as well as have a dedicated lane for payment, among other benefits.

The Customs and Excise Department is determined to strengthen our relationship with out stakeholders, as we are optimistic that our compliance levels will rise. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, stakeholders and staff for their understanding, support and compliance, and we solicit your cooperation in the future, as we work to connect with one another and to work together for a more efficient Customs and economic growth.