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Police to implement plan to deal with recklessness by motorists on roads


The Traffic Department of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is giving notice that they will soon put into action a plan to clamp down on a spate of recklessness that is being exhibited by motorists, particularly van drivers.{{more}}

“We are about to do a serious clampdown in St Vincent and the Grenadines and it is going to start soon,” head of the Traffic Department Superintendent Kenneth John told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

“A number of these van men are the most reckless and once you are caught being reckless, whether private, rental or omnibus, you will be taken off the road. You will be charged and will be taken before the court,” John sternly said.

He disclosed that he has already met with the general body of his department to plan their way forward and to put those plans into action.

According to John, some of the things the department will also look at are unlicensed and uninsured vehicles and the overcrowding of vehicles on the road.

The traffic head said that it has been discovered that a number of persons wait until they are checked by police officers, before they license and insure their vehicles.

“This is an extended check we are going on, until we are satisfied that what we set out to do is achieved… Absolutely no stone is going to be left unturned…,” John said.

In relation to the overcrowding of minibuses, John said this too, is becoming prevalent and is a matter of deep concern.

“This kind of thing usually takes place during the hours when children are leaving school to go home. We can’t sit by and allow such things to happen; so that is why we have set out on our plan,” he said.

John said they will first focus on the areas just on the outskirts of Kingstown, where much of the overcrowding takes place.

“We discover that less of the problem is in Kingstown. What we are also trying to do is to bring the out station police on board with us to help in these situations,” he said.

He noted that once an overcrowded omnibus is caught, the driver and conductor will be charged and would have to let out the excess passengers.

“If they fail to eject those passengers, both conductor and driver will be arrested…. We are doing all this out of safety. Safety is the motto of the traffic department.”

A release issued by the police earlier this week states that motorists who are committing such acts will be severely prosecuted, in keeping with the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act, with disqualifications imposed where applicable.

“Other areas which will be given attention include the playing of loud music. The assistance and co-operation of the general public are solicited in making the operation a success, the main aim being to make our roads safe for all road users,” the release said.(KW)