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FSC accomplished a lot in 2014 – Manager

FSC accomplished a lot in 2014 – Manager


The year 2014 was quite an eventful one for the Farmer Support Company (FSC).

That’s according to the company’s manager, Charlene Garrick.

“I must say that we have accomplished a lot in 2014, where assessments, interviews and approvals were concerned,” Carrick said.{{more}}

According to the FSC manager, to date, 1,300 farmers were approved for loans.

Presently, there are 860 persons that are yet to be assessed.

“These are new applicants who would have applied the latter part of the year.

“However, in between, there are some persons who would have applied earlier that we are trying to on-lend these loans to. What we have undertaken for 2015 is that we have started doing interviews and assessments in various districts with farmers.

“This will be done on a face-to-face basis outside of the farm with our credit officers (CO)…” Garrick added.

Garrick further explained that they are calling persons and scheduling appointments with them and conducting those interviews.

Since the commencement of the New Year, interviews and assessments have conducted in the Walilabou, Chateaubelair, and Spring Village.

“Our plan is to go throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines because we want to try as much as possible to capture all persons who would have applied, mainly the 860 applicants we have remaining.

“I want to say to the farmers that they have been very patient with us for 2014 and for 2015 we are going to try as much as possible to deliver the service that you have been waiting for. We want to assure you that although things seem to be moving a bit slow, on our side we are moving as fast as possible to meet your needs,” Garrick said.

For persons who applied for loans in 2014 and their telephone numbers have changed, they are asked to contact, the FSC office at telephone number: 532-9124 or through the Ministry of Agriculture; 456-1410.

This will facilitate the process of the FSC staff contacting them to know the venues for interviews and assessments.

“Hopefully, we are going to complete these assessments within the first quarter and also we will be on-lending money in the first quarter for new applicants as well.

“We’ve had persons who would have benefited from the Farmers Support Company in 2014 and we’ve had a good turnout of persons who would have started repaying their loans,” the FSC manager further revealed.

The Farmers Support Company’s Credit Facility is capitalized to the tune of EC$6 million, received as a grant from PetroCaribe.

Loans are disbursed at an interest rate of two per cent.