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Upgrade to VINLEC’s hydro power station in final stages

Upgrade to VINLEC’s hydro power station in final stages


St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) is in the final stages of preparation for the upgrade/rehabilitation of the Richmond and South Rivers Hydro Power Stations.

A release from the company said a total of 47 containers containing 470 pipes that will be {{more}}used for rehabilitation/upgrade work have arrived in the country. The pipes for the Richmond location have already been transported and are currently being stored in the area. The pipes earmarked for South Rivers are currently being transported to the storage site. Other ancillary items that are to be used in the upgrade process are expected to arrive here shortly.

Some sections of the pipeline at both locations will be replaced with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). These pipes, which will allow for greater efficiency and a safer working environment, are 900 millimeters in diameter.

Work on the pipeline infrastructure is expected to commence within the next four weeks at the Richmond Station. This pipeline was damaged extensively during the December 2013 trough system. Electro-mechanical work in the power house has already commenced. Upon completion of the pipeline works at Richmond, VINLEC will begin testing the system before the station is officially recommissioned. Work at South Rivers is scheduled to commence shortly thereafter, the release said.

The operations to unload and move pipes to the locations have been quite detailed. When the mobilization process is completed, approximately ninety-four truck loads of equipment would have been moved from the Campden Park Container Port.

“This upgrade/rehabilitation of the South Rivers and Richmond Power Stations is part of the Company’s plan to improve efficiency at all of the Company’s Power Stations. It is also in keeping with VINLEC’s mission to utilize renewable energy in the generation mix.

“VINLEC wishes to reassure the public that the Company is working to ensure that the electricity supply provided is of the best quality and value to customers,” the release said.