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I was not first on the scene – Sandy Bay resident

I was not first on the scene – Sandy Bay resident


Ever since the Rock Gutter tragedy a little more than a week ago, Nemrod Lorraine says his life has been a living hell.

Lorraine, a Sandy Bay resident, visited SEARCHLIGHT last Friday, and said people have been accusing him of being the first person at the scene of the accident, but not doing anything to help the victims.{{more}}

“I can’t even walk the street in peace. Everybody telling me that I was the first person on the scene and I did nothing,” an upset Lorraine told SEARCHLIGHT last Friday.

On January 12, a passenger van travelling from Fancy ran off the road in an area called Rock Gutter and plunged into the sea below, taking with it the lives of five passengers – all of whom were students. Two passengers remain missing and the others were hospitalized.

According to Lorraine, when the incident took place, he went to the scene, where he met a lot of people.

He noted that while there, he was interviewed by a reporter, while a camera man recorded him.

“I told them what I saw, but I never tell them that I was the first on the scene. I don’t know what is going on or where this is coming from. It is really getting to me,” an upset Lorraine said.

“Every time I walk the street, people want a story from me. They saying look the boy there who did nothing. I wasn’t the first person on the scene,” he stressed.

The 22-year-old added that if he had been the first on the scene, he would have definitely done something to help the victims.

“People [are] just scandalizing my name. If I were the first person on the scene, to be honest, I don’t mind for my life, but I would have gone in to help,” he said, adding that some of those persons who lost their lives were his friends.(KW)