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Desist from disseminating incorrect information – Ministry


The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment is urging citizens to desist from disseminating or posting incorrect and unconfirmed information, particularly as it relates to the loss of lives of victims of the tragic incident in Owia last Monday.{{more}}

“It has come to the Ministry’s attention that reports are being circulated on social media and other media that the driver and a child who have been hospitalized as a consequence of the accident are dead. This information is indeed inaccurate.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment can confirm at this time that the three children who were ready for discharge are still in the care of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and are not in a critical condition,” a release from the Ministry said.

The Ministry, therefore, urged persons to be “a bit more sensitive and careful” when relaying or posting unconfirmed reports, as “their actions, though well intended, are causing panic and distress to the families, loved ones and concerned citizens,” the release said.