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Community of Fancy pulling together


A member of this country’s northernmost village of Fancy says that the community is pulling itself together, in the wake of the tragedy that has claimed the lives of seven of its young people.{{more}}

Wendy Michael, the mother of Maxroy “Danny” Michael, a teenage boy who survived Monday’s bus crash, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that persons are supporting one another during this time of grief.

She pointed out that one of the initial reactions to the news of the Rock Gutter tragedy was that of anger, but that quickly changed to understanding and support for those who were traumatized.

“We are a little community, but if it is one thing, when anything happens in the community, we always put our differences aside, and we always try to comfort those who need comforting and comfort ourselves, and we need to be strong for each other in this little community of Fancy.

“That is one of the things I admire our people for. Even though we just at one another throat and we hear something, we would get together, and we would go on the scene and we will comfort, and who we can help we will help.

“I know we were angry and would say things that you don’t even want to be held accountable for; things that you regret; but I think now that the accident has come and gone, and so we sympathize with everybody.”

Michael said to the best of her memory the community has come together whenever tragedy has struck it.

She recalled a traffic accident that took place on December 28, 1989, which claimed the lives of two residents of the village: Alfred Michael and Billy Hoyte.

Billy Hoyte was the uncle of Glenroy Michael, one of Monday’s fatalities, while Alfred Michael was her brother-in-law, and the uncle of her son Danny, who survived on Monday.

“And then there was the December floods, when we were cut off from the rest of the island for days; no lights, no phones. Helicopter had to come in to bring relief,” Michael recounted.(JJ)