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Forensic evidence is where we have to go – Police Commissioner

Forensic evidence is where we have to go – Police Commissioner


More use of forensic evidence would help with solving and successfully prosecuting some of the murders committed here.

“This is where we have to go. We have to have people trained in these areas so that we can deal with these matters. People are afraid to come out and speak,{{more}} so we have to find other means of getting evidence before the court and this is one way that I see we can do it,” Commissioner of Police Michael Charles said in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Tueday.

According to the top cop, although recommendations have not yet been tabled, discussions are still ongoing about the matter.

Charles described the record number of 37 murders for 2014 as “embarrasing.”

“One killing is one too many. We can’t bury our heads in the sand. We have to face it head on and learn from our mistakes.

“A lot of these killings, in my view, could have been avoided if persons stopped resorting to weapons. Gone are the days when something happens and an older person could have settled things. These days it’s just guns and cutlasses used to settle matters. We have to get away from that,” Charles added.

In 2007, this country recorded 36 murders.

The Commissioner said the hierarchy of the police force meets with officers from the Criminal Investigations Department and the outstations from time to time to strategize a way forward in crime fighting.

Charles also commended his officers for their hard work, despite the limited resources they have to work with.