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Vincentian among CIBC/FCIB Most Outstanding Employees for 2014

Vincentian among CIBC/FCIB Most Outstanding Employees for 2014


Alford Collis of St Vincent and the Grenadines has been named by CIBC First Caribbean as one of its most outstanding employees for 2014.

He is one of the recepients of the Player of the Series award, for which the winners were drawn from throughout the Caribbean.{{more}} Collis, a Sales Specialist, also won a sales award and is said to have

impacted positively on the morale and competencies of the members of his team team. In addition, he is said to have “displayed exceptional external customer service and met or exceeded sales targets.”

The other winners of the Player of the Series award are: Shinika Reid (Bahamas), Hughzavia Bourne (Barbados Head Office), Damien Boyce (Barbados Head Office), Shadden McLaughlin (Cayman Islands), Sheldene Pinder (Barbados), Stephane Burke (Antigua) and Andre Waithe (Barbados).

Chief Executive Officer, Rik Parkhill, congratulated them on behalf of the Bank’s Senior Executive Team, pointing out that 2014 was a challenging year which required employees to perform at higher levels and to embrace additional and new opportunities.

Parkhill said each member of CIBC FirstCaribbean team accepted this challenge and some achieved exceptional results, well above the required targets. He added that sixteen high quality nominations for Player of the Series awards were received therefore the task of choosing the best from the best was not an easy one for the Regional Pro Performers Committee.

Given that the bank places emphasis on providing excellent service to its external and internal customers, all the awardees offered noteworthy service based on CIBC FirstCaribbean’s “Helpful Partner Universal Standards”, which sets out guidelines for providing service to customers.

The awards feature a specific “Helpful Partner” category, based on employees’ provision of exceptional internal customer service for their colleagues and consequently the bank. The awards in this category went to Client Service Officer, Shinika Reid; Manager Risk Analytics & Reporting, Hughzavia Bourne; Accounts Payable Officer, Damien Boyce and Executive Assistant to the Managing Director of the Cayman Islands, Shadden McLaughlin.

Country Manager, North EC Island and Belize, F.O. Stephane Burke was named Exemplary Leader for 2014. She was chosen from among nominees with excellent performance management skills, who provided developmental support for members of their teams.

Like the Exemplary Leader, the winners of the sales awards, Sales Specialist, Alford Collis and Platinum Manager, Sheldene Pinder impacted positively on the morale and competencies of their team. In addition, they displayed exceptional external customer service and met or exceeded sales targets.

The nominees for the process improvement award were drawn from employees who developed or refined a process or product benefiting the bank through the resulting improvement in efficiencies and productivity. Systems Analyst, Andre Waithe copped this award.

This year’s Player of the Series winners will join their CIBC counterparts from throughout the world at a week-long CIBC Achievers’ Conference set for January 11-17, 2015 in Maui, Hawaii. Executives from CIBC and CIBC FirstCaribbean will also attend the event, which comprises business sessions and celebratory activities. The high achievers will also be treated to a celebratory weekend in Barbados, where they will meet with the Senior Executive Team of CIBC FirstCaribbean.