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Lack of supervision caused floods – resident

Lack of  supervision caused floods – resident


One Cane Grove resident has declared that it was not the heavy rains that caused last December’s flooding disaster.

Instead, Edson Providence believes that it was the lack of vigilance and supervision on the part of the Forestry Division of St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, Providence recounted the night of December 24, 2013, when his neighbourhood was ravaged after the Buccament River overflowed its banks, following some heavy rains.

He recalled that he came onto his porch on that night and saw the rising water, but was not aware of all the damage it had caused. Providence said it was the next morning that he discovered mud in his home, his back wall broken down and his gate off its hinges.

“When there are heavy rains, I’m sort of worried because I don’t think they have sorted out the river properly,” the Cane Grove resident opined.

From his observations, Providence noted that the persons working in the river did a poor job of river defense, as they just placed some stones on the side of the bank.

“In October, there were heavy rains and some water came over the top…all the stones are back in the river now,” he said.

“Personally, I do not think it’s because of the heavy rains that we had the flood. I think it’s because of the lack of supervision, proper inspection by the forestry. They should have staff that patrol the river sides to make sure that all fallen trees and so on are cleared. If all the logs are cleared, disposed of properly, we wouldn’t have had this flooding, because I think the flooding was caused when the logs blocked the bridges. That’s my opinion and I firmly believe it.”

Most residents of the area also had similar damage done to their property, when the road leading to their homes was filled with mud and other debris brought down from the flood waters. Within the past year, Providence and his other neighbours have repaired their properties with reinforced fences, once again restoring the community to its visually appealing state.