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Inner Wheel Club of SVG erects four benches at MCMH Paediatric Ward

Inner Wheel Club of SVG erects four benches at MCMH Paediatric Ward


The Inner Wheel Club of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), in its continuing thrust of helping the youngsters of SVG and in conjunction with Tennants Construction, erected four benches at the Paediatric Ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in October 2014.{{more}}

At the Club’s Christmas party, held for the children of the Paediatric Ward on Tuesday, December 17, the Club held a formal handing over of these benches to paediatrician Dr Rosemary Boyle (who is also a member of the Club) and members of her staff.

The Inner Wheel Club of SVG consists of wives of Rotarians of St Vincent and has Emily Providence as president. It has been in existence for 22 years and currently supports five youngsters through secondary and tertiary education.

Annually the Club supports World Food Day by donating to the School for Children with Special Needs, and holds a Christmas party at the Paediatric Ward. The Christmas party has always had the full support of Bassy Alexander and El Grupo Amistad, who each year so willingly and joyfully provide musical entertainment for the young patients and the staff.

The Club, through the few faithful members, meets quarterly to discuss the business of the club and the support of our youngsters.