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Burglar shot by police at Girl Guides Headquarters


An intruder was shot at the Girl Guides Headquarters on Tuesday evening after police officers responded to a report that a man was seen entering the building without permission at approximately 6:20 p.m. on December 16.{{more}}

On entering the building, the officers discovered a man hiding in the downstairs bathroom – who was shot when he attempted to flee.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, detective ASP Sydney James, of the Criminal Investigation Department, said that the police had been put on alert because in the past month, the Girl Guides Headquarters had been broken into three times, and items had been stolen.

ASP James said that the man apprehended is Chekley Barker, a resident of Vermont, estimated to be approximately 32 years of age.

He further disclosed that the police are carrying out an investigation into the matter, but suspect that Barker is responsible for the previous break-ins.

Items stolen from the headquarters include an assortment of Girl Guide paraphernalia and drink and food items, among others.

Barker was hospitalised after sustaining the gunshot wound.(JSV)