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Vincentian author launches her sixth book

Vincentian author launches her sixth book

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Vincentian author, Nathalie Andrews will on Sunday, December 14, launch her sixth book at the Mount Moriah Youth Development Centre, at Prospect.

Andrews, who visited SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week, said her latest publication entitled “Jeffrey Stonebridge” is a book that holds a lot of sentimental value to her.{{more}}

She said, since her husband died of diabetes last year, she has dedicated the book to his life and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“I have invited some headteachers and I know this is a topical issue. My husband died from diabetes. I nursed him right through from 2004 until he died last year,” Andrews said.

“In this book, Jeffery’s main problem was that he loved to eat all the sugary and fatty foods and suffered the usual complications. He had diabetes and hypertension and the story is all around there really,” she said, adding the story is part based in St Vincent and partly in England.

Andrews said, after she closed the chapter on her teaching career in 1994 while living in England, she took up writing.

“After I retired, I did a course in writing and it went on from there,” Andrews said.

Andrews has written such books as Leroy, Sydney and Fanny, Beryl Brewster – A woman of Choice, The Pain of Love – a sequel to Beryl Brewster, and Thelma Bismark – The go getter.

The Queen’s Drive resident said it is her hope that some of what is in the books can be introduced in schools.

“I am hoping that this could be a message to persons in preventing obesity and diabetes and to help us to live a healthier lifestyle,” she said.

The launch will commence at 3 p.m.