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Sol introduces new brand in St Vincent


Richardson service Station, one of St Vincent’s most patronised service stations, has undergone a transformation which has seen the operation rebranded to a state-of-the-art Sol service station.{{more}}

While Sol’s service station model is new to St Vincent, in reality, Sol has been operating in St Vincent under a license agreement with Shell, since 2005 when the company acquired Shell’s business in the Eastern Caribbean, Guyana, Belize and Suriname.

According to Steve Francis, general manager of Sol’s operations in St Vincent, the introduction of the Sol brand at Richardson Service Station is a signal of Sol’s commitment to expand its retail offer here and across the Eastern Caribbean. He also noted that the goal of the rebranding process is to establish a truly independent world-class company that combines the best of Caribbean understanding and international technical expertise.

Richardson Service Station is the first service station in St Vincent to bear the fresh, modern Sol service station service look and feel. And according to Francis, the team at Richardson will be fully equipped to deliver a quality gasoline offer, a low-sulphur diesel proposition and a world-class customer service experience.

Following the reopening of the service station, he stated that customers who visit Sol Richardson will experience the premium quality that is “Sol Go Further”, the new fuel economy Gasoline and Diesel product developed by Sol.

In addition to getting more for their money, motorists can also look forward to the value-added qualities found in “Sol Go Further” Gasoline and Diesel, such as superior deposit control performance, pronounced friction reduction and outstanding protection against corrosion.

Designed to improve engine performance and fuel economy, “Sol Go Further” gasoline is expected to give motorists up to 10 kilometres more per tankful, based on average driving conditions in a 1.8 litre car with a full 50 litre gas tank; while “Sol Go Further” diesel has been developed to increase power output, enhance engine life and reduce emissions, as well as to provide greater fuel economy.

Operator of Sol Richardson Service Station, Marc Richardson, was pleased with his spanking new station and remarked, “We are pleased to welcome our customers back to our improved ‘ready-to-serve’ service station and are thrilled to be able to add value to our loyal customers especially during the Christmas season. We know some extra mileage will definitely be welcomed at this time of year and we are happy to work with Sol to give you more for your money.”

In addition to getting more for their money, motorists can also look forward to the value-added activities over the next few days and weeks at Richardson Service Station starting Tuesday, December 9, 2014. Every customer who spends XCD $40 or over at Richardson Service Station will receive their welcome gift combined with a superior fuel offer which will help them go further. The promotional gift offer will continue while stocks last.