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DRP condemns any attempt to interfere with people’s inalienable rights


The Democratic Republican Party (DRP) had condemned any apparent attempt to the people’s inalienable rights and freedoms.

In a release issued Sunday, the DRP said it is with regret that the party has learnt of the passing of Edgar Cruickshank as a result of injury related to an incident on Saturday night,{{more}} where a vehicle ran into a crowd at a meeting hosted by the New Democratic Party (NDP).

“It is also our understanding that other persons were injured and this is truly unfortunate. 

“We condemn any apparent attempt to interfere with the people’s inalienable rights and freedoms which are also constitutionally protected. Rights such as the right to life (Section 2) and freedoms such as the freedom of conscience (section 9), freedom of expression (section 10), freedom of movement (section 12) and freedom of assembly and association (section 11),” the release said. 

“The DRP stands continually on the side of the Rule of Law as our colour blue represents and maintain that the country needs revived principles of the heart as our symbol describes.”

The DRP expressed sympathy to the family of the deceased and the injured and pledged its continual and consistent service to the people.