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Chief magistrate orders Venezuelan to be deported

Chief magistrate orders Venezuelan to be deported


Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias on Friday, December 5, ordered that Venezuelan David Valdivieso be removed from the country after he paid a fine for entering the state without consent.

He appeared at the Serious Offences Court and pleaded guilty to two immigration charges.{{more}}

He was charged with that, on December 1, being a prohibited immigrant, entered the state without a passport and for allowing himself to be landed as a prohibited immigrant.

He was fined $500 forthwith or spend one month in jail.

The court heard that members of the Rapid Response Unit were on patrol in Layou when they summoned a motor vehicle to stop.

The officers questioned the driver and then asked the passenger (Valdivieso) where he was from, to which he replied, Caracas, Venezuela.

He was then taken to immigration officials and when questioned, in the presence of a translator, Valdivieso said he paid a Venezuelan fishing boat US$500 to transport him here to see the place.

He further explained that he spent two nights on a beach and on Wednesday, December 3, he flagged down a car and asked for a ride to take him to the Venezuelan embassy and that was when the officers stopped him.

In court, with the aid of a translator, Valdivieso said he came here about seven years ago with some others, looking for a lost boat in Union Island.(KW)